Permitted Development Rights Update

Permitted Development Rights Update

 The General Permitted Development Order Part Q (formally MB, updated in 2015) allows for the change of use of agricultural buildings to residential use. Up 450m² per farm holding can be changed from agricultural use to residential to form up to three dwellings. Part Q applies to all agricultural buildings; modern portal framed as well as traditional stone barns. These rights do not apply in National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

There are certain criteria that have to be met, and then a Prior Approval application must be made to the local authority for them to assess the transport, access and noise impacts; flood and contamination risk; design and external appearance; and the location and siting of the building.

We have now made many such Prior Approval applications and had a number of notable successes in several different authority areas. This includes traditional stone barns as well as modern portal frame buildings, which have made for some interesting conversions! Our experience, along with emerging national appeal decisions, mean that we now have a clearer picture as which buildings are likely to be successful and we can provide detailed advice.

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